Home matchmaker: ‘What turns you on about a city?’ Take the quiz
The Oregonian – 2/28/15
Sometimes you just know a relationship is not working. Every second feels like a struggle. The laughter is gone. It’s time to move on.

One Man Spent Over $175,000 In His Quest To Look Like Madonna
Huffington Post – 2/24/15
How much do you love your favorite pop star? Enough to spend $175,000 to look like them?

FYI readies “My City’s Just Not That Into Me”
Real Screen – 2/6/15
U.S. net FYI will investigate the plight of priced-out homeowners in its forthcoming series My City’s Just Not That Into Me.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Madonna Impersonator’s Existential Crisis
Morning After- Gawker – 1/29/15
By far the weirdest thing I’ve seen on TV all year (granted, the year’s only a month old) was this breakdown on last night’s

EXCLUSIVE: This Woman Is Obsessed With Making Which Part Of Her Body Bigger?!
PerezHilton – 1/20/15
Some women want bigger boobs like Kate Upton. Others want a bigger butt like Kim Kardashian. But not Sydney…

My Strange Addiction: Bad Breath? Just Don’t Try This at Home
People – 1/20/15
Warning: This story could leave a bad taste in your mouth.

My Strange Addiction: Meet a Woman Who Likes to Eat Bricks
People – 1/13/15
TLC has something really gritty in store for the next episode of My Strange Addiction.

Another season of weirdness on ‘My Strange Addiction’
New York Post – 1/7/15
“My Strange Addiction” returns for a new season Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TLC with a one-hour special…

Critic’s Corner: What’s on TV Wednesday
The Boston Globe – 1/6/15
TLC, have I told you lately that I love you? Five seasons of this show was a gift. Six? A blessing.

Meet the 70-Year-Old Man Addicted to Dressing Like a Creepy Sex Doll
Jezebel – 12/30/14
“If I saw a 70-year-old man in the mirror, I’d quit this tomorrow,” says Robert, one of the men profiled on the latest season of TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

My Strange Addiction: Meet a Man Who Likes to Dress Up as a Life-Size Doll
People – 12/29/14
Future episodes of My Strange Addiction will focus on a 26-year-old woman who is addicted to drinking air freshener…

• FYI President Talks Rebrand and Reality Lessons, Adds Two New Series
The Hollywood Reporter – 10/27/14
Culinary competition ‘Late Nite Chef Fight’ and real estate hunt ‘My City’s Just Not that Into Me’  are both set to join the young cable net

• WATCH: Man Spends $100K To Look Like Justin Bieber
Entertainment Tonight News – 01/29/14
This bizarre examination of one man’s celebrity obsession on My Strange Addiction

• EXCLUSIVE: Woman chews, sniffs dirty diapers on ‘My Strange Addiction’
Metro: New York – 01/15/14
Some people like to chew gum or tobacco, but Keyshia, who will appear on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” tonight, prefers dirty diapers.

Woman With Size LLL Breasts Does Horrifying “Jack-o’-Lantern” Trick
Gawker – 01/09/14
Meet Lacey Wildd, a 45-year-old mother of six, who’s had “29, maybe 30″ plastic surgery procedures…

Lacey Wildd Wishes She Had Size QQQ Breasts On ‘My Strange Addiction,’ airing Jan. 8 on TLC
Huffington Post – 01/07/14
Last year, she wore a Size MMM bra, but she contemplates going up to a Size QQQ on an episode of “My Strange Addiction” airing Jan. 8 on TLC.

‘My Strange Addiction’ makes the most of its Chicago base
Chicago Sun-Times – 12/31/13
Bizarre behavior is the stock-in-trade of reality TV, but few shows celebrate the abnormal like TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.” The Chicago-produced …

• Inside one man’s quest to look like Justin Bieber
New York Post – 12/18/2013
Toby, who’s 33, is featured in an upcoming episode of TLC’s WTF? series, “My Strange Addiction,” which returns for its fifth season Jan. 1 with tales of …

• Emmy Rossum, star of Shameless on Showtime, is a fan of My Strange Addiction!  See what she has to say about MSA in the January 2014 issue of Esquire.

Are These “My Strange Addiction” Episodes Real Or Fake?
Buzzfeed – 12/16/2013
Your reality show addiction might actually pay off here.



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